20Nov 2017


Date: Nov. 20, 2017

By Joe Boffo

We started our journey on Feb. 1 of this year and, when we began the process of building our cabins, we looked to Weaver Barns in Sugarcreek, Ohio. We checked out a few cabins that Weaver built in Hocking Hills, Ohio, and loved them. We decided Weaver would be a perfect fit at Rustic Ravines.

Of our 11 cabin rentals, six are Weaver Barns units — with more on the way. The Genoa Cabin (pictured above) is among those cabins and sleeps five, has a full kitchen and bath, and Jacuzzi as well. And the views, well, they are simply spectacular! What I call beautiful accommodations in a rustic setting!

I can’t say enough about the crew that Weaver Barns sent here to build these cabins. Their craftsmanship, work ethic and dedication was fabulous — honestly I was in awe of how they worked.

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